CEREC-One Visit Crowns

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If you are in need of a crown, you might be concerned about the length of time and preparation work that it takes to get a traditional crown. Luckily, there are CEREC crowns, which are done in a single visit at your dentist's office. This is done by using advanced CAD/CAM technology to image the tooth and create a permanent crown restoration that is ready within a couple hours. Once it has been imaged and milled it is ready to be placed on your existing tooth right away. It is easy, fast can be made in house to match existing teeth perfectly and very convenient, especially because you don't have to go through messy impressions and wait 2-3 weeks with several visits to complete the process. 

There are multiple benefits to choosing CEREC crowns, beginning with having the process done quickly. 


  • Most appointments are completed in 2 hours 
  • No messy impressions of your tooth 
  • No uncomfortable temporary crowns for 2-3 weeks. 
  • Digital impressions are more comfortable and painless than traditional impressions 
  • No bulky porcelain, black lines or metal are used for these crowns 
  • Fewer dental visits 
  • More natural tooth structure is preserved 

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